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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dresses galore

bosworth dress: NASTY GAL

caged bustier dress: NASTY GAL

camille dress: NASTY GAL

corset cage dress: NASTY GAL

piano dress: ECOTE

emme crochet dress: NASTY GAL

fitted with daisies dress: FREE PEOPLE

laced cape dress: NASTY GAL

aphrodite dress: PINS AND NEEDLES

serena sweetheart dress: NASTY GAL

embellished daisy cami: SHAKUHACHI

knitwear tube dress: SHAKUHACHI

split-sleeve chiffon maxi: SPARKLE & FADE

victoria peplum dress: NASTY GAL

willow maxi dress: NASTY GAL

turnabout is driving me in a dress frenzy. these are my possible dresses:

cap sleeve gypsy lace dress (in tea, cherry, and black): FREE PEOPLE

say you will dress: NASTY GAL

sweetheart with lace slip: FREE PEOPLE

fitted with daisies dress (hibiscus): FREE PEOPLE

it would be a cuter selection, but there are hardly any good dresses in my size online...!
that, and...they are all crazy expensive. or sold out.

check the cake i made::::::

chocolate layer cake with vanilla icing...i'm just awesome right?!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

summer solstice

Basically it's so fucking cold out that all I want is summer! I miss summer too much . . .

Tennis-- Marathon

Heyy i'm awkward!

I got creme TOMS and my mom is reeeeeally mad at me.

I kept the tags on though. Just in case.

I also did this:


On another note, I really want to start a girl-power band.

...Like that's ever going to happen.

I've also come to realize that this is such a complaint blog. So I'll try to work on my whiny-ness. Okay Happy New Year bye!