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Sunday, March 4, 2012

racist bitches

In Geography we are learning about language, dialect, and accents. I would tell you more, but frankly, I haven't been paying any attention in my classes lately. Not that I ever do... because honestly, I don't.

Anyway, we were talking about how accents can be discriminated against, and how many people with southern accents are often characterized with stupidity, or judged on the way they speak. So this dumbass raises his hand and says "not so sound racist but...-"

Immediately I start to sweat. I hate this. Not to make everything about me, but whenever people say shit like that I get so goddamn nervous. (I was talking about it with my cousin, too. She also gets really nervous at times like these- so thank GOD I'm not the only one.)

Anyway, this prick goes on to talk about how (and I'm directly quoting him when I say this) "people with dark skin generally sound stupid when they talk". Word for word, that's what this asshole said. My Geography teacher freaked out and made him stop talking. I wish she had done more. All she said was "Just. Please. Stop talking. Right now. Just stop." and every time he would open his mouth to try to defend his point, she'd tell him to stop. "Just stop now before it gets racist" is something along the lines of her defense.

Oh but, my dear, it's already gotten racist.

All he can manage to get out is "well come on, you know it's true!"
Yep, he said that.
One of his friends starts defending him. "But I mean come on. Have you ever heard Kobe Bryant talk?"
No, I haven't. Does it make a fucking difference?

I raised my hand. I was sweating balls because, being the one person in the entire class who wasn't white, I was alone in my defense. All alone. But I kept my hand raised, planning on defending myself and other "people with dark skin", whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

Immediately, my teacher changes the subject. So I put my hand down. I wish I could go back in time so badly and be more aggressive about my hand-raising... then I know she would have called on me. I wish I could have argued against this dumbass. I wish I would have stood up while arguing, you know, to be dramatic. I wish I would've gotten hostile with it all. I wish I would have pointed my finger at him in a threatening matter. And yelled. I wish I would have advanced towards him aggressively and gotten all up in his business, intruding on his personal space... I wish I would have called him a racist.

So. So. Badly.