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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sorry kids

sorry about my lack of blogging. yikes i think it's been a few weeks, no?
okay. well i really don't have anything to say, other than FINALS!
yipes, they scary.

anyway, my sister was given a single word in her english class and was told to write about it. (word: BROWN.) she read it to me and i thought it was so beautiful that i wanted my own copy. here's what that sass-master had to say:


Brown is kind of a gross color; it's also the color of my skin.  Awkward!  Brown is usually associated with icky things, but let's think about things that are brown and beautiful:

-Me! My sister, my brothers, parents, grandparents
-Everyone in Indo-Pak (except the non-brown kids but they're still beautiful)
-The bark of a tree
-Brown hair is pretty

Brown is an earthly color; in many ways more so than the stereotypical hipster "green" thing.  Brown is underrated.  Brown should be celebrated.  Why don't people carry around Whole Foods bags that say, "Go Brown"?  Fuck green - it's so overused nowadays.  Yes, trees and bushes, etc. are green, but the earth itself - our soil - is brown.  Chestnut, maple, oak, spruce.  The brown of the tree is the part you can hold on to - the part that doesn't fade when summer turns to fall.  And what color do those cocky green leaves turn in the autumn?  That's right: brown.  Ha!  What conformists, those leaves.  We all think it's so cool and hip to be "green", but even green wants to be brown.  Being brown is the best, and guess who's brown? Me.

oh snap. what a crazy kid. i wish i had her writing talents, so i could incorporate them into this suckish blog.

bedtime, buh-bye now



  1. oooh i liked that!!

    good luck on the rest of your finals!

    lol, u went to sleep at nine? i went to sleep at 8...
    and now im commmenting on ur blog at 6:65 am...
    i am a messed up girl

  2. tell Ruchi i say THANK YOU... brown is so underrated..