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Sunday, September 26, 2010

i heart fat chicks

You know, I kind of wish I was a chubby beautiful woman… I’m not gonna lie. They are so beautiful and sassy.
I don't exactly wish I was FAT, but more like a sassy rubenesque kind of lady... Like Jennifer Hudson:

I love her.^

How sexy are they?

Now, I’m not gonna take it overboard like this little pervert. Honestly…I just want to shoot people like this in the head…

What a lil weirdo. You can just tell he’s weird from the amount of facial and body hair that he has. Ewwww!

But hey. I guess you could say that even I <3 Fat Chicks given this very blog post. And I have an awkward amount of arm hair as well. So... I <3 Fat Chicks.

But I really do, and if anyone is self conscious about their own weight or body, they have no reason to be...even if they are a little big. Or REALLY big. They have beautiful bodies no matter what. And, to prove it to anyone who still doesn't think so, just take a gander at these...



Monday, September 20, 2010

coming this fall.


So...I was kind of bummed out about fall once it started getting colder. Honestly, I LIVE for summer. But then I decided to make a list of things that are coming this fall that I am EXCITED FOR!

Parenthood. (The TV show. NO, I'm not preggers.)

So maybe I did pick the trashiest possible clip from this entire show. But I love it, it's a good show.

Halloween! (The holiday.)

I already blogged about my favorite holiday of the entire year. I am just so excited!

And finally. Coming not quite this fall but the first day of WINTER, the movie that I've been dying to see!

F MY LIFE! I just realized that it's rated R.

But I really, really, really want to see it. Ballet is so beautiful. I've been talking to my mom about starting it up soon. She says I have "the body of a dancer."
I am currently NOT doing a sport because frankly, I can't play sports for beans. Really. I am so NOT athletic, and all my friends REALLY are. I don't know a single one of my friends that is NOT doing a sport.
But I REEAALLLYY want to do dance/ballet! It is so beautiful. The way they move is so graceful and delicate. I would KILL to look like that when I dance. I know that people usually start ballet at age three and drop it by age four, and that it is very strange for a 14-year-old to just START ballet out of nowhere. But I want to be a beautiful dancer.

Yeah, it's an ad for some ballet organization. But just look at the way they move!

That is all :) Thanks for reading.

Laura Kek does not do a sport.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Why are you reading this crapper of a blog. I don’t even know HOW to blog.


My brother just left for college and me and my sister were trying to make a scrapbook for him and we came across all these....
Me as a small child.

Chill guyz. I’m not the one cryin’. That’s my cousin SHRIYA! (Shri for short.)

Me and my girl. What a sexy woman. No one understands.
The funny part of that picture is that she secretly wants to kill me...


Daddy (Manoj).

Now you guys. I know I am putting this on the Internet but if he EVER finds out that I put this picture up of him....I'm dead:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Daddy=hippy weirdo with beardo (and afro?)
Also...he kind of looks like his staring into the light or something. Possessed maybe? I'm just joshin'. I love him! :)

Mama. I love her very much and I have to admit to you guys that she is prettier than me…;)

RUCHI! My gorgeous sister. I love my sissy soo much! 17 years old

Braham. Left for college a few days ago. 19 years old (on Friday)


SATCHI!!! My little bro! He is eleven.

Sorry...this is the best picture I have of him. And it's of Ruchi raping him soo...

Thanks for reading! PEACEEEE


Monday, September 13, 2010

my first blog. =]

Well. I guess it’s official. Summer is over. I am now a freshman in high school. AHH.

My high school is so big! The freshmen have their own campus with about 1,000 students in it. OMFG?! My old school had 75 kids in the eighth grade ftw.

But I am excited. I finally get to see everyone and even some new people! This summer sucked so bad. I did abolutely nothing...besides go to Martha's Vineyard and Wisconsin. Which were both SO much fun, minus losing my brand new iPhone. Life sucks.

Ahhh so school is startingggggg.

I’m just excited for Halloween. And for visiting my big bro in Berkeley, California! Those are the highlights of my life that are coming case you cared.

Speaking of Halloween…I got some seriously scandalous heels that I stand 5’9” in. :)?

^My heels that are way too old from me.

I want to wear them on Halloween. If you are cool enough to read this blog, puh-LEEZE post comments giving me Halloween ideas! You can even post the comment "ANONYMOUSLY". Idk if I spelled that right and I'm too lazy to look it up. I'm fourteen. Bear with me people.

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. My favorite holiday of the whole entire year.

Last year's Halloween was an interesting experience:

ME. Being insanely awkward and embarassing myself. In photography. Just look at my tiny arm muscles.
That was so fun you guys.
<3 Sears.

I am SO excited for Halloween this year.

It’s only September and I’m already thinking about Halloween ideas. These heels have kind of given me an inspiration to be a bumble bee for Halloween. Think about it guys. I could do the bumblebee hairstyle like the girls in the B52's or whatever. I could wear a giant fat homemade bee costume, because these heels are sleezy enough. My cousin himself told me, to my face, that they were stripper heels. That wasn't very nice, now was it?

And I have these to match…

Gold and black falsies. How cute! Oh my god. Am I excited for Halloween!!

Get me some of these...

Love those tights.

That is all. Xoox