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Monday, May 21, 2012

aloha from escuela

Well hey.

Had a really rough morning. Cried like 5 times. But I won't vent about that dumb shit. Because, after all, it really is just a huge, heaping load of dumb shit.

Right now I'm sitting in the middle of the hallway with my legs out, where everyone can trip over me. So basically I look like a huge bitch. An ugly bitch- if I might add. My hair is up in some nasty-ass rat's nest of a bun and my grungy fingernails are painted black. I am wearing my brother's extremely large tee-shirt with The Who on it. No one at this school even listens to The Who. I don't even listen to The Who. To make matters worse, I am wearing flared jeans that are really long on me. So basically, the combination of my Who tee-shirt and my flared Levi's makes me look like a '70s wannabe.

I am trying to vent to my sister and so far our conversation looks guessed it, a heaping pile of dumb shit. I'm trying my best to tell her about why I'm upset, but every text just comes out as "I fucking hate everyone." So I sound pretty stupid, and she obviously doesn't want to help because I sound this way.

The only good thing about this is that I'm listening to my new favorite song/favorite video. But I can't watch the video in school because everyone will think it's porn or something.

El Guincho-- Bombay

^this shit inspires me so watch it if you want to live

if you don't watch it within the next five minutes, the ghost of Billy Mays will rise out of your shower drain while you're in there and slit your throat with a razor blade, then devour your dead body on the spot.



  1. oh my gosh.

    satch. youre my soul brotha. so many ways

  2. I luv you even when you fucking hate everyone

  3. Aria, you always look good. also, the music video and song is sooo interesting! I mean, where does this guy come up with a lady balancing towels on her shoulder and a bird lighting someone's cigarette?
    also, I hope you work out your dumb shit somehow.
    xoxoxoxo <3<3