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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


life is depressing...I gotta say.
i'm failing geometry


today i got a bloody nose at school because i was so fucking stressed.
it wouldnt stop bleeding!
it was sad though, i started to cry in the bathroom because i was so embarrassed, even though no one in the hallway saw. once i got to the bathroom, i had blood all over my face and all of the floor and the wall. when i was in there, at least ten girls came in and out...none of them saying a single fucking thing to the crying girl with blood all over herself...
on her eyes, forehead, and lips

and CERTAINLY a helluva lot on her nose.


finally someone i knew asked me if i was okay, but that's only because she knew me.
she told me to hold my nose and tilt my head back, so i did, and she left.
then a really, really, really nice girl with funky glasses & white hair with black tips helped me. she seemed like quite the medical expert. she told me never to tilt my head back and used all these fancy medical terms that my dad might use to sound smart to my little brother. then she told me to wash it off with cold water, not warm.

so instead of just wiping off the blood, i filled the sink with cold water and just dunked my fucking head. it felt so fucking good. i dunked for a while. when i came back up, she was still right there next to me. and then i looked back down at the orange water and let it drain.

what a nice girl.

women's pre s/s 2012


  1. i love acne!! not the zits... the designer. fucking zits... ugh
    im sorry about your stressing day
    school has been soooo annoooyyyinnnggg
    last week, i had NO IDEA what was going on in my chemistry class so i left class and went to the nurse to lie down. yes. i pretended to be dizzy just to get out of class.

  2. i shall tutor you in geometry : )