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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i was a zombie!

everyone thought i was michael jackson.
no exaggeration- EVERYONE.
some psycho bitch in my math class said to me that it would totally work if i was michael jackson for halloween, because i look so much like him anyway.
and then today when i got to class, she said "hey everyone its michael jackson!"
i hate her so much and she can go die alone in a hole and then burn in hell


i liked my costume, though...despite the fact that no one knew what i was and everyone was confused as to why i was wearing vampire fangs and a boy outfit if i was a zombie.


i came up with this costume so last minute, its actually crazy. i got it all together the morning of halloween. last year i spent months. legitimately MONTHS.




    awesome!!!!!! the jacket is really cool, too!

  2. omg i loved your costume

    i just saw you for a split second in the hall buuuuut... it made me happy to see someone who actually cared about halloween

    i was really disappointed about all the people who didnt dress up. NOT COOL

    im nostalgic

    this was also the first year that i didnt go trick or treating. where has my childhood gone?