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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

pretty pretty pixies.

"With short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. And you brush your teeth more often. Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. When it starts growing out a little and losing its style, you have to wear sunglasses until you can get it to the hairdresser. That's why you need a variety. Short hair makes you aware of subtraction as style. You can no longer wear puffed sleeves or ruffles; the neat is suddenly preferable to the fussy. You eye the tweezers instead of the blusher. What else can you take away? You can't hide behind short hair... you may look a little androgynous, a little unfinished, a little bare... but your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions."

- Joan Juliet Buck for American Vogue, c.1988

Oh baby, have I always wished to try out a DARING pixie cut. I just never had the balls to do it. Honestly though, women who have pixie cuts have the GUTS. They aren't trying to be boys, they are not trying to look androgynous, and they are certainly NOT, and as some at NT would say, "dykes". Obviously, this is not the case behind EVERY pixie cut, but it is rude when people assume things. Especially about a chic haircut that clearly just shouldn't be hated on...

My new mentor is Joan Juliet Buck, the "quoter" of this Vogue clip that should be framed in my house. She may believe in (dare I say it) a somewhat cross-sexual hairstyle, but she sure as hell is fifty times the woman I could ever be!


Here are some pretty pixies...strong, independent women with choppy, sassy haircuts. You can just see the confidence glowing from within them.

And some celebs for your enjoyment....





  1. is SOMEBODY considering a pixie??? :)

  2. I love having pixie short hair, and Im a big girl so Its even more "Frowned" upon because I cant hide my round (fat) face. I've had short hair for at least 2 and a half years, now im in the process of growing it out because Im bored with it. but the growing out process SUCKS!!!! anyway, i like your blog, check mine out too, but I haven't posted in a while!!! : )
    Jessica Pallow

  3. "With short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces..." Sorry but this was funny as hell! Anyway, I love the second picture in the list, who is it?