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Monday, September 13, 2010

my first blog. =]

Well. I guess it’s official. Summer is over. I am now a freshman in high school. AHH.

My high school is so big! The freshmen have their own campus with about 1,000 students in it. OMFG?! My old school had 75 kids in the eighth grade ftw.

But I am excited. I finally get to see everyone and even some new people! This summer sucked so bad. I did abolutely nothing...besides go to Martha's Vineyard and Wisconsin. Which were both SO much fun, minus losing my brand new iPhone. Life sucks.

Ahhh so school is startingggggg.

I’m just excited for Halloween. And for visiting my big bro in Berkeley, California! Those are the highlights of my life that are coming case you cared.

Speaking of Halloween…I got some seriously scandalous heels that I stand 5’9” in. :)?

^My heels that are way too old from me.

I want to wear them on Halloween. If you are cool enough to read this blog, puh-LEEZE post comments giving me Halloween ideas! You can even post the comment "ANONYMOUSLY". Idk if I spelled that right and I'm too lazy to look it up. I'm fourteen. Bear with me people.

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. My favorite holiday of the whole entire year.

Last year's Halloween was an interesting experience:

ME. Being insanely awkward and embarassing myself. In photography. Just look at my tiny arm muscles.
That was so fun you guys.
<3 Sears.

I am SO excited for Halloween this year.

It’s only September and I’m already thinking about Halloween ideas. These heels have kind of given me an inspiration to be a bumble bee for Halloween. Think about it guys. I could do the bumblebee hairstyle like the girls in the B52's or whatever. I could wear a giant fat homemade bee costume, because these heels are sleezy enough. My cousin himself told me, to my face, that they were stripper heels. That wasn't very nice, now was it?

And I have these to match…

Gold and black falsies. How cute! Oh my god. Am I excited for Halloween!!

Get me some of these...

Love those tights.

That is all. Xoox

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  1. Well.... halloween already happened but your costume was SOOOO CUTE! i should consult u for my costume next yeaar! ~ANNE