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Sunday, September 26, 2010

i heart fat chicks

You know, I kind of wish I was a chubby beautiful woman… I’m not gonna lie. They are so beautiful and sassy.
I don't exactly wish I was FAT, but more like a sassy rubenesque kind of lady... Like Jennifer Hudson:

I love her.^

How sexy are they?

Now, I’m not gonna take it overboard like this little pervert. Honestly…I just want to shoot people like this in the head…

What a lil weirdo. You can just tell he’s weird from the amount of facial and body hair that he has. Ewwww!

But hey. I guess you could say that even I <3 Fat Chicks given this very blog post. And I have an awkward amount of arm hair as well. So... I <3 Fat Chicks.

But I really do, and if anyone is self conscious about their own weight or body, they have no reason to be...even if they are a little big. Or REALLY big. They have beautiful bodies no matter what. And, to prove it to anyone who still doesn't think so, just take a gander at these...



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  1. hahaha... i spy with my little eye Whitney from America's next top model....