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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Why are you reading this crapper of a blog. I don’t even know HOW to blog.


My brother just left for college and me and my sister were trying to make a scrapbook for him and we came across all these....
Me as a small child.

Chill guyz. I’m not the one cryin’. That’s my cousin SHRIYA! (Shri for short.)

Me and my girl. What a sexy woman. No one understands.
The funny part of that picture is that she secretly wants to kill me...


Daddy (Manoj).

Now you guys. I know I am putting this on the Internet but if he EVER finds out that I put this picture up of him....I'm dead:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Daddy=hippy weirdo with beardo (and afro?)
Also...he kind of looks like his staring into the light or something. Possessed maybe? I'm just joshin'. I love him! :)

Mama. I love her very much and I have to admit to you guys that she is prettier than me…;)

RUCHI! My gorgeous sister. I love my sissy soo much! 17 years old

Braham. Left for college a few days ago. 19 years old (on Friday)


SATCHI!!! My little bro! He is eleven.

Sorry...this is the best picture I have of him. And it's of Ruchi raping him soo...

Thanks for reading! PEACEEEE


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  1. not sure how to respond.... but i REALLY like the first 3 sentences